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Domestic Short Hair

1 year, 2 months
Medium  |  Female

Oviedo, FL



Back in November 2015, Allie was adopted.
As of JULY 2016 Allie was returned to us, under very sad circumstances.
Here is her bio when she was originally adopted at 8 weeks old with updated and baby photos attached:
Allie's Beginnings from November 2015:
"Allie and her brother Andy were found abandonded and alone outside out near UCF. A kind person saved them and called our rescue. They have been in foster care since they were just a week old. They had a surrogate cat mommy, who gladly helped to feed them while she fed her own babies. They have also had the best foster mom who gave them lots of attention. You can tell - they love to be around humans and want to be pet all the time. They will make great lovable pets for a purr-fect family.
Allie is as sweet as she looks! She will make a purrfect lap kitten. She has pretty brownish orange color with tabby stripes. She loves humans and is very affectionate- she gives little nose kisses too."
Here is her story now:
A kind citizen witnessed a person in a car dump her, got the tag number, called the police, and quickly got the kitten allie to safety. They immediately had the cat's microchip scanned, and called us.
We discovered it was our Allie that was adopted last Fall.
Since she has been in foster care, we have concluded that allie was adopted by a couple who had a volatile relationship and she was caught in the middle of it, and was possibly mistreated and neglected in the process.
She has developed a fear of other cats and will absolutely not tolerate living in a household with other cats. She also seems to have anxiety attacks when she is picked up by someone she doesn't know. She becomes very anxious and scared and strikes out to protect herself. She will not allow you to pick her up on a first meeting.
When I brought her home the frist days, she preferred to be in a room by herself. When approached she seemed to have a panic attack and breathe heavily. She is very scared of change and unknown. She took time to calm down. She became curious and began to want attention. After a few days of just sitting and talking to her, she began to trust me, and allow me to pet her. Pretty soon after she was following me around the house, laying on my lap and giving nose kisses as she did when she was a kitten. She actually made friends with my dogs, however she can not be around other cats, we have tried several times and it is too much stress for her to handle.
She needs the right person to adopt her - a loving person, someone with time and patience to help her overcome her fear. And someone that does not have other cats and understands how to gain her trust.
She is still the same Allie, a sweet and lovable lap kitten - she still gives nose kisses and is very affectionate, she just needs a patient person who will tolerate her anxious behavior until her trust can be gained. She only wants to be loved and I hope that soon I can find someone who will adopt her forever this time because she deserves a family that will never leave her again.
She is currently in a resident cage at Petsmart in Oviedo. We are having trouble finding her a foster that doesn't have other cats.
If you are interested in adopting her or even fostering her please contact us asap. We desperately want her to have a stable, stress-free, loving environment to live in.

C.A.T.S.-C.A.N., Inc . is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Florida. We operate a no-kill shelter and have cats and kittens up for adoption at Oviedo PetsMart. We screen each applicant. Please call or come by to see our kitties - 11:00 - 5:00 every Saturday and most Sunday's Noon to 4:00 at the Oviedo Petsmart adoption event. You can also visit a few of our resident cats every day in the Petsmart Cat room!
Cats-Can Does Not Permit Declawing - For more information on Declawing, please visit our Feline Care Tips Menu on our homepage and visit our webpages of wonderful cats that are already declawed looking for new homes.

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Oviedo, FL

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