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4 years, 4 months
Large  |  Male

Mills, WY



Amato loves playing with you and his toys. He loves running after the tennis ball. He knows drop, sit wait, stay come, and down.
Amato is coming around nicely. He was in my lap while I was towel drying him and really likes his butty rubs. He has that Rottie lean down pat. He is not so skittish and no longer ducks his head when I reach out to pet him.
Amato is in rescue and he is a nice boy. He is currently afraid of fast moves and is unsure what you are going to do to him. He takes high value treats very nicely. Has no aggressions, has not growled once and loves water. He plays in his pool. He loves being brushed and will just lay down, after he knows the brush is not going to hurt him. He walks fairly well on a leash, he just needs to be told. His previous owner was not very big, so he drug her around. He likes going for car rides and does very well. He looks out the windows and eventually lays down.
Amato is being surrendered from a nice family who got the dog from an abusive home. However, they have children and are not real Rott savy when it comes to dealing with a past abused dog. Their main concern was for their children. He has growled at family members when he feels threatened. However at the vet when he was getting his shots and check up, he cowarded behind his owner. "Today was one of Omari's good days. He didn't bark, growl or bite the vet when he got shots. He cowered behind me when the vet got down to eye level with him. The vet thinks that if he keeps receiving training he could become a great dog."
We will evaluate him and work with him on his confidence.

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Mills, WY

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