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Medium  |  Female

Pacific Grove, CA


Anela is a 9-year-old, 42-pound Whippet/Terrier mix. This sweet old gal is a loving and playful pooch who adores people and will make some lucky person a loyal companion. She's very affectionate and always happy to let you give her a good belly scratch. She thinks she's a lap dog, so if you're sitting on the couch, get ready for snuggles.
She can peacefully coexist with other dogs as well as dog-savvy cats. She walks well on the leash and has the energy to hike or walk a mile or more, only pulling when she gets overly excited to greet another dog. Her initial enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming for some dogs, but she's much more calm with dogs she knows. She's working on developing a more appropriate greeting when out and about. It's not completely her fault—she's just bursting with joy, and it's hard for her to contain herself sometimes.
Anela is house-trained and prances around you when it's time to go outside. She's fine being left alone, though she might cry a bit when you leave just so you know you'll be missed. She rides well in the car and her favorite thing to play with is her rope toy. When you need to catch her attention, treats are the way to go. Miss Anela is very food-oriented.
Whippets are naturally gentle, sensitive creatures and make devoted companions. They love having a warm place to cuddle up. Can you give this girl a soft spot to land and a loving home? She'll be forever grateful. Oh, and keep an eye on that tail. She's so expressive and happy all the time, she might accidentally wag right into you.

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Pacific Grove, CA

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