American Shorthair


Santa Monica, CA


My name is Annie, I use to have an amazing home with an amazing human. She loved me and cared for me. She gave me belly rubs and treats. She gave me hugs and let me headbutt her. She meant the world to me. But one day, she became very weak, very fragile, it became difficult for her to feed us and keep up her routine. She would cry and I tried to comfort her as best as I could. Lizzie, my mother, tried to comfort her too. Soon after our mom wept and hugged us and said her goodbyes. She had become too sick, and she was fighting a very bad sickness. So we ended up with VFTA, we keep hoping mom will make it through and she will come back, but it seems unlikely. I miss her hugs, her smell, her kisses, and her love, I wish I could go to a good home, with someone that can love us as much as she did. Will you be my new home?


If you are interested in Annie, please e-mail for more information.

Adopt Me
Santa Monica, CA

(310) 392-5153

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