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7 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Montreal, QC


Antoinette est une petite chatte intelligente, vivante, attachante et curieuse. Mais, surtout, elle est tellement affectueuse!
Elle ronronne toujours et nous suit partout pour avoir encore plus et plus de câlins. Elle tolere les autres chats mais préférerait etre la seule princesse de la maison.
Son petit truc : vous lécher les doigts!! c'est surement comme ça que sa maman lui a appris à être en amour :)

Antoinette is very intelligent, playful, curious and lovely. She is affectionate and recognizes her name.
She purrs a lot and follow us everywhere we go. She tolerates cats but she would rather be the only queen at home!
Antoinette also like to lick your fingers, that is maybe how her mother taught her how to love people :)

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Montreal, QC

(514) 938-6215

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1 year ago

Awwww my mom would love her how can she adopt her she is recently divorced and her ex would never let her have a little dog now she can and the companionship would b great for her

Minnie Schafer

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