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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Medium  |  Male

Edmond, OK


Adoption fee is $100, this dog is approx. 1-2 yrs old and about 22 pounds
*No small kids(children over 10 yrs old idea)
*No Small Pets (dog/cat or otherwise)
*VERY VERY high energy
*Sheds Heavily (Should Not be Shaved Down )
*Needs excessive exercise to drain energy/herding behaviors to hopefully prevent ankle biting
*Archie knows the commands-sit, stay, come, lay down, down, and drop it
* Housebroken & crate trained
*Doesn't like being left alone
This short cute stuff was found stray and landed at the pound and not reclaimed..
He is a awesome little dog but his energy level when not drained results in unwanted behaviour, such as the biting legs of house guest. He doesn't show this behaviour at the rescue so we can't correct it. We are working on his dog to dog behavior with improvement and he is currently hanging with other large dogs and doing well with proper intro.
Not sure if this guy just happened as the mix he is or was one of the intentionally breed designer dogs called a Shorgie. German Shepherd, Corgie cross.. once upon a time called a Mutt. Mutts are so awesome someone decided to start calling them designer dogs and charge double for them :-P
With this breed mix you have a very energetic dog that thinks he needs to patrol and herd everything. He is friendly with strangers upon greeting them but will in turn attack/bite their ankles as they move around your home. Due to his overly social nature we believe this is just a release of unspent energy. We have not been able to witness this behaviour ourselves but was reported in a home he was in for about 1 month and it caused his return.
But the good news is this boy LOVES people... he needs some manners because his OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU seems to override a calm greeting :-) he is so stinking cute and happy go lucky. He would also probably be a good dog at agility or other things active.. Despite his short legs he moves quick, jumps high and would do great with a active life style.
Despite all his hyper actions he does know some basic commands and is house trained with adjustment and routine
The pound he was pulled from planned to place him up for adoption but he was being very reactive to other dogs.. But it seems he just be over stimulated easily and isn't a true dog aggressive dog but that is what shows when he acts out. Shortly after his arrival we introduced him to other dogs he did show some bad nippy behaviors at first but adjusted very quickly, but still can not be allowed to play unsupervised around smaller dogs, he has now adjusted in with the larger dogs and is in with a large group learning dog social skills. So his playmates should be his size or larger so he does not over power or bully or hurt them. We are still working on him meeting new dogs , when a new dog gets near him on a leash he lunges barks and tries to bite at the other dog.
1st 2 photos he is in his winter coat he had now shed his double coat and his 3rd photo is his current Summer look with just brushing. Double coated dogs shed excessively and have to have routine brushing and SHOULD NEVER be shaved unless for medical reasons.
The adoption fee is $100.This dog has had its age appropriate Vaccinations brought up to date with Rabies shot (4 m & older), heartworm tested (4 m & older) and/or started on prevention, basic dewormer, spayed or neutered and microchipped by 24Petwatch with free registration , and also comes with 30 days of free 24Petwatch Pet Insurance .
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Edmond, OK

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