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Ares Keesh


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so, kid moves out and leaves his dogs w/ his mom who dumps them in a kill shelter! nice but our luck because we have Ares a 9m 40lb Keeshond Husky mix! for now, no children despite notes stating otherwise. NO cats! we are finding he is magical and not everything the shelter notes report (not mouthy!).

A volunteer writes: Young Ares reminds me of Balto but the resemblance stops at his looks.. Ares who is just a babe at 9 months of age is pretty wary in his kennel. He wants to make friends, comes at his door but “rumbles” too. I understand, the little boy is scared….I show him the leash. He is not too sure but finally accepts it. Off we go to the park..Ares pulls, going nowhere. He does his business on the way, meets other dogs but shows no interest. He accepts being tethered for the pictures and even sits on command. He lets me pet his face and body. The “rumble ” is all gone and I never saw any teeth. At first, Ares did not want my treats, then, as we made “a little bit ” friends, he accepted them. I know that soon enough, Ares will eat in my hand…It is just a matter of time. Ares was brought to the care center with his mother, Canella as their owner had no time for them anymore. He comes with excellent recommendations, being playful with children, adults, other dogs and even cats…Ares is a really gorgeous puppy who needs a home, a family and feeling safe and love, he will be again the way he was, a lovely pup.

Ares is friendly around strangers. He has spent time with kids ages 10 and 9. He was very playful with the kids. He plays in a gentle manner with adults and kids. He lived with her mom, a 2 year old Siberian Husky Mix. They were playful with each other and played in an exuberant manner. He lived with an adult cat and was tolerant of the cat. He has never bitten a person or animal. Behavior Owner stated He has no behavior issues and is not bothered by loud or sudden noises. Owner has never trimmed his nails. He is not bothered if his food is touched while he is eating or if any kind of treat or toy is taken away. He is not bothered by being pushed off furniture, if held, or if disturbed while sleeping. He enjoys bath time and being brushed. He will bark if someone knocks on the door and is not bothered if someone unfamiliar approaches the owner. For a New Family to Know Ares is described as friendly, affectionate, and playful with a very high activity level. He will follow her owner around when home. Owner stated he does not play. He is kept mostly indoors and sleeps anywhere he likes. He is fed dry Pedigree dog food (that's going to change!). Owner fills up a bowl three times a day. He is house-trained and goes potty anywhere outside or in her yard. If left home alone he likes to climb on counters. He is well behaved if left alone in a yard or in a large crate. Owner has a large crate in the yard. For exercise he plays in the yard. he pulls very hard and is never walked off the leash. Behavior during Intake Ares tolerated all handling during intake. He was focused on sounds that came from out of the admissions office. He would flinch when petted on his head. He had more of a still body. He did not show any signs of aggression.

SAFER ASSESSMENT: 10/2/16 Look: 2. Dog’s eyes are averted. His body posture is stiff and fearful, his tail is low and not moving. He allows head to be held loosely in Assessor’s cupped hands. Sensitivity: 2. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, his tail is between his legs, body stiff, mouth closed, lip long, ears likely back, may lip lick. Tag: 5. Dog growls Toy 1: 1. Dog settles close, keeps a firm grip and is not stiff Dog/dog: 2. Does not approach helper dog. Summary: Very fearful, nervous/skittish during behavior assessment. PLAYGROUP: Summary MEDICAL BEHAVIOR: 10/1/16 During Ares’ initial medical exam he allowed handling but was nervous, whining, growling, crouching, and whale eyed. ENERGY LEVEL: RECOMMENDATIONS: New Hope Placement _X_No children (under 13) _X_Place with a New Hope partner (The behavior department believes Ares would benefit best from placement with a New Hope rescue that can provide an experienced foster who can assess behavior further once in stable environment before placement into a permanent home.) Potential challenges: _X_Fearful/potential for defensive aggression (During his stay at our care center Ares has displayed all appropriate warning signals when he is uncomfortable; growling, stiff body, increasing distance. Ares appears to require a soft/slow approach in order to become more at ease, therefore a home without children is preferable at this time; loud noises/sudden movement present a challenge at the moment. A period of decompression is recommended to aid in acclimating Ares to a new home environment. Force-free, reward based training is advised when introducing/exposing Ares to new and unfamiliar situations.)

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