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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

1 year, 11 months
Medium  |  Female

Princeton, MN



I'm Ariel, a sweet 1-1/2 year old girl that was transported from a scary shelter many months ago with my cute litter of puppies. I ended up here in a Minnesota shelter where I watched my babies get adopted one by one, and I hoped so much that I would find a forever home too...but I guess no one wanted me. While I sat waiting, I was treated for something called "heartworm" and although I wanted to play and run around, I had to stay very quiet so that the medicine could do its work. I feel wonderful now but it was hard not being able to play at all back then.
One day when I was out on a walk with a nice shelter person, a scary dog pulled away from the people walking him and he attacked me. So many scary things in my life have left me wary and unsure of what will happen to me next. I'm living with a nice family that is taking good care of me, but they have a boy dog that I'm not very fond of. I like some girl dogs, but most of the boys frighten me because of some of the things that they have done in the past.
I need a foster or foster-to-adopt home that maybe doesn't have other dogs or that would be willing to crate and rotate so that I can learn how to be in a family better. Right now I'm pretty scared and worried that something bad will happen to me, even though my foster brother has tried really hard to show me he won't hurt me. I also think it's exciting to chase cats so I should be in a home without one.
Since I have been with my foster family, I have learned to potty outside, I'm very quiet in my crate, I know sit, and am a good girl on walks but get distracted by squirrels and rabbits sometimes. I love, love, love toys and like nothing better that to throw them around or just lay on my back with one and squiggle around on a soft floor. I also love big and small people so much and just want to be near them so I can feel safe and happy.
Maybe I can live with you for a while until I find my forever home

Note: Before I joined Ruff Start Rescue, I was treated for heartworm. Because of this, I’m in RSR’s “Foster to Adopt” progam. This means that I can still join my forever family right away, then be “officially” adopted when my heartworm retest comes back negative in a few months. I look and feel perfectly normal! And don’t worry! Heartworm is not contagious! Ruff Start Rescue just wants to make sure I’m happy and healthy and will take care of costs associated with the retest so my forever family doesn’t have to worry about that. And while you foster me, they will continue to pay for other things like my food, too! Yum!

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Princeton, MN

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