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Los Angeles, CA


DOB: 5/14/2012
Arwen is a gorgeous little brown tabby and white girl with soft golden eyes. This sweet girl was rescued from death along with her 4 less than 1 week old kittens. The shelter had planned to kill the entire family but they were spared and brought to foster care just in the nick of time. Arwen was in desperate shape, little more than skin and bones, and unable to care for her kittens. She was weak, scared, and depressed. The 4 babies were sent to a bottle feeder where they flourished and Arwen spent a solid week being syringe fed as she lacked the energy and motivation to even eat. Time brought healing and as Arwen began to put on weight, she also began to take an interest in life again.

Arwen has made some tremendous strides forward and her progress in her new foster home has been lovely to experience. When first rescued and brought back to health she was really afraid of hands. She was always very happy to see her foster mom and would roll around asking for pets, but she was still afraid of human hands. After a couple of pets she would swat at the hand with just her pads, no claws.
Arwen is now out and about playing with the other felines in her foster home. She has four playmates, and she loves them all! She has never, even from the very first time, hissed or growled at another cat. Even at the adoption events that are stressful in nature, she has never hissed at another cat. She is very playful and runs around with the 6 months old kittens, (it's a good match- she's a small cat!). From time to time the two neighborhood feral cats come in to say hi; they're all friends and Arwen is very curious about them. Plus, it looks like sweet little Arwen has found herself a boyfriend- at least he thinks so! It's endearing to witness. It's easy to see that the guys would like her; she prances around being light on her feet when she walks and run!

She no longer is afraid of hands, as long as the hands don't make quick, rushed, and erratic movements, she loves, loves, loves to be petted, and she will purr up a storm if you let her. She is still afraid of an erect body and a human body coming towards her, but even here she has changed dramatically with each passing day. Especially if she's up high on a cat tree or kitchen counter or the like, she has no problem with a body walking towards her. As a matter of fact, then she seeks out your hand for pets!

Lately, Arwen has started to really want the human presence. Instead of running away, she has followed her foster parent around from room to room in the house; not glued to the heals, but all of a sudden she has appeared in the same room. Her foster mom was positively surprised the other day when her roommate told her that Arwen had come into the kitchen and rubbed against her legs, even though the roommate was fully standing up making tea. Later when the roommate was on the couch, Arwen came up next to her and rubbed her head against the roommates hand.

Arwen needs patience, love, and understanding as she continues to recover from whatever made her so terribly scared. Arwen would be best suited in a calm, quiet household where she can feel secure and safe. If you're looking for a kitty who is low maintenance, but is a good playmate for your cat, Arwen would be your cat! Arwen would not do well with children at this point in time, and wants a dog free home.

Arwen is fixed, tested for FIV/Felv, microchipped, dewormed, flea treated, and up to date on vaccines.
If you are interested in learning more about Arwen or in adopting her, please click here to email her foster parent.

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