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Audrey *Happy Single*

Domestic Medium Hair

Medium  |  Female

Richmond Hill, on


Date of Birth: September 2013
Looking for a cat with purr-sonality? Well, look no further—Audrey is the cat for you! She is a super affectionate, medium-hair cat with the lovely distinct colouring of the tortoiseshell breed. She has a very sweet face and gorgeous golden eyes.
Audrey is very outgoing and a real people-person cat. She has the typical confidence, cheekiness, and tort-itude of a tortoiseshell—unique traits that many pet owners find wonderfully endearing.
Audrey loves to have lots of attention lavished on her. She will head butt your hand for pats or jump on to your lap and contently purr non-stop. She enjoys being pampered with a good brushing and lots of petting.
Audrey divides her time between playing with her cat-nip ravioli toys or cat balls, lounging happily in the sunshine, or checking out the action outside a window. If she looking out the window and sees you coming home, she will greet you with very welcoming meows.
Audrey is a healthy, happy cat who will make a great companion and will be a treasured family pet. She should be an only cat as she wants all the attention—as she rightly deserves!

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Adoption fees are $175 for adult cats (one year and older), $225 for kittens, and $125.00 for senior cats (10+ years old). The fee includes: veterinary health check, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV, vaccinations, flea and ear mite treatments, and six weeks of pet insurance.
NOTE: Young kittens may not have had their spay/neuter surgery and final vaccinations at the time of their bio posting, but they are included in the adoption fee.

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