13 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Saint Paul, MN


We would love to find a new home for our beautiful Sealpoint Siamese kitty, Audrey.
Audrey is a rescue who is about 13 years old and needs a quiet home where she is the
only pet. We are moving in the fall, and we believe the road trip to a new state would cause
her too much anxiety at this point in her life. We'd like what is best for her in her remaining years. For the past 11 years, Audrey has loved to snuggle with us while we read or watch movies, she is definitely a lap cat. We are seeking a quiet, loving home with 1-2 adults, no children and no other pets.
Audrey is in good health for her age, having recently passed her physical. She does have some cataracts now, so she doesn't see as clearly as when she was younger but this has not presented a problem as her litter and food are kept on the same level of the house.
Please let us know if you are looking for a sweet, well-behaved older cat who loves to snuggle and sleep.
For more information about Audrey, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.
NOTE: In the interest of serving as many cats as possible, Feline Rescue occasionally promotes cats being taken care of by our friends and supporters. The cat(s) in this posting are NOT Feline Rescue cats and any adoption that may occur is an arrangement strictly between two independent parties.

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Saint Paul, MN

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