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Medium  |  Female

Toledo, OH


5 months old on 9/2016

I was brought to Paws and Whiskers after I was found severely mauled by a dog. The mauling left my lower jaw fractured in three pieces, and I also had some soft tissue trauma as well. Thankfully, I was rescued by a wonderful lady who took me away from that terrible situation. When Paws and Whiskers took me to Sylvania Vet, they recommended that I be taken to be seen by Dr. Colmery in Ann Arbor (a dental specialist.) Dr. Colmery did my surgery a couple months ago. And despite having a partial removal of my bottom jaw, I am recovering wonderfully from the surgery. I am still in foster care with my original rescuer, where I’m loving life and begging for food on a regular basis :) Now I just have to wait to see how my adult teeth grow in. Fingers crossed that goes well! Another effect of all of the trauma I endured is that my left eye doesn’t close properly, so I get daily eye drops and a dab of ointment to keep my eye lubricated, but I am very well behaved for it :) I am hoping to find a patient family who will make sure to keep me safe for now that will give me all the love and attention I so desperately deserve. Despite everything I’ve been through, I’m still an adorable little girl who just wants to feel loved and safe. I’m stilll in foster care until my teeth are finally finished growing, but f you’d be interested in meeting me, contact the shelter and they’ll make arroungements for you to come meet me. My foster mom is always happy to show me off....and I just love visitors (especially ones who bring wand toys and treats!). :)

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Toledo, OH

(419) 536-1914

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