American Staffordshire Terrier

4 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Female

Brooklyn, NY


A volunteer writes: AUSTRIA! I know, I know, you''re probably thinking of the Alps, coffee, or maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that''s only because you haven''t met this little girl yet! If you had, the name would conjure up so many warm fuzzy feelings you might not be able to think at all...she is really something special! Like many dogs that find themselves out of their element, she might not be cuddly right off the bat, but with a little time and treats Austria''s affectionate, playful nature is revealed! She sometimes submissively rolls over, but wags her tail when I rub her belly. She seems housebroken and has excellent leash manners (she even maintained them when we encountered a rat that piqued her curiosity!). She is an itty bitty treat-gobbling machine and an expert at begging (of course she was blessed with that little pouty underbite, but the way she pushes her head against my lap is what really makes it impossible to say `no`!). Once she''s comfortable Austria is wiggly and will cuddle with me on the bench, prop her paws on my lap, and even give kisses. She has an adorable spin, spin, spin, play bow move that she''ll do before getting the zoomies and she likes to play with stuffy toys. She is SO sweet and I think she''ll make the best sidekick ever...come meet Austria in Brooklyn!

Adopt Me
Brooklyn, NY

(212) 788-4000

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