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Belgian Shepherd Dog Sheepdog

7 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Baltimore, MD


My name is Baby and I am a spayed and chipped 7-year-old Belgian Shepard Labrador mix.
I am up to date with my vaccinations and flea medication. I am also crate and potty trained.
I LOVE to be brushed because it relaxes me and makes me feel safe.
My owner jokes that I am a circus dog because I have a tendency to jump very high in one place when I'm excited! I have a prance in my step and love nothing more than to be my owner’s shadow. I get a little persistent with my kisses but I like to show you how much I love you!

Thank you for taking me home with you!


Baby is a loyal and protective dog who is at her best when she has purpose and a job to do. At times, she can seem somewhat aloof around strangers but with the right structure and patience she will interact with others.
Baby would be a perfect dog for someone who is firm and able to establish trust with her. Her ideal environment would be in an organized, loving household hanging out with and watching over her owner(s). She is an independent dog who enjoys going on hikes, hunting critters and patrolling the backyard. Equally, she enjoys staying close to her master- she will follow you from room to room and always wants to know what you are doing next.
On occasion, she will engage in typical dog activities, like attempting to play catch, but she is more likely to make you laugh at her awkwardness, than actually succeed at catching or fetching! However, Baby is very energetic and always keeps busy, unless the job at hand is to lay by your side and offer her support to you.
Baby will do best in a household where she is the only dog and pet in the home and where there are no children. If there are children, it would be best that they are over the age of 14 and able to direct her in the appropriate way.
She has dry skin on her back and by her tail which gets very sensitive, so she needs a daily supplement of fish oil in her food. Without this, she will have dandruff and her skin will be very sensitive. She loves the taste of fish oil so giving her this supplement will be no problem. She can be somewhat fickle about eating, but will stick to a routine once established.
All in all, Baby is a good girl who is very curious and loves companionship, in turn she will offer you loyalty and love and all the kisses you can take.

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Baltimore, MD

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