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Baby Face

Pit Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Male

Petaluma, CA


This animal is available at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
EMAIL: Mickey Zeldes
Baby Face

Pit Bull Terrier – 5.5 year old, white and blue, Male

Who’s been playing? Baby Face! And what a happy dog he is (you can measure it by the length of the tongue hanging out). Baby Face is 5-6 years old, easy going and calm. He’s eager to please people, knows sit and down, and offers a sit when he sees treats. In fact, Baby Face is so eager to learn, that he’s been attending nose work classes once a week here at the shelter. He’s got a couple months of practice under his belt and he’s getting quite good at it! Baby Face would love to show you in person what nose work is and how it’s done! (In a nutshell, a scent gets hidden and Baby Face is tasked with sniffing out the hiding spot). Baby Face enjoys people and dogs alike, and has a relaxed and curious approach to both. He’s just waiting for the right person who can appreciate all that he has to give. Is that you?

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
Mickey Zeldes
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Petaluma, CA

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Top Reviews

1 year ago

Hi, he looks similar to my cat that jumped out of my window a few days ago, but avalanche has gold eyes. He would be very upset, too! The limit feline pressed the automatic windows and JPEG out... Still looking for him


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