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Babys Girl



Sandpoint, ID



The Biewer line of Yorkshire Terriers is still a rare breed, and is black and white with gold on the face many times. This Baby Faith's little girl has reached her adult weight and is only 4 lbs 13 oz. She has a precious personality. I am still working on her ears standing. It takes 2 to tape them and it only takes a few hours for the other dogs to tear the tape off. So She has one ear that is still in need of taping to train to stand. She has a pure background but I am not able to register her because her dad's mother was accidently killed in a fight. Yorkies were originally bred to kill rats so it is natural for them to fight, especially when there is a female in heat. She was injured so bad that the veterinarian recommended we put her to sleep, and we had her cremated. We were so distraught that getting a DNA and pictures was the furthest from my mind. DNA testing is required to register Biewers. AKC does not recognize the Biewer line of Yorkies at this time, but there are numerous other Biewer clubs. The little girls background goes to registered parentage in Germany. Registered Biewer's run from $3500 to $5000 for a puppy with breeding rites. Males also are expensive starting at $3500. So unfortunately this female is not registerable but still has a pure lineage. The litter that this girl is from is located in Sandpoint, ID. This female puppy is Baby Faiths and was one of three puppies. She is pure Biewer but cannot be registered because her father's mother was accidently killed prior to getting her DNA which is required to register Biewers. Her current weight as of March 12, 2015, which is her adult weight, is 6 lbs 11 oz. She is very playful but still shy. Her ears still need training, but every time I tape them to stand, the other puppies just pull the tape off of the ears immediately. So once she goes to new home, the ears can easily be trained by taping them since there won't be any other rambunctious puppies to pull it off. She is cute as a bug though and in need of a loving home. She presently lives in Sandpoint, Idaho and is old enough to take a plane ride to new home. Spokane, Washington, is the closest airport.

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