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Medium  |  Female

Dallas, TX


Bailey is a 5-6mo old pup, we’re thinking bull terrier mix. She has some vision and hearing impairment, but can see up close, and can see lights & shadows. I’ve noticed far away noises, but cannot hear clapping, snapping, or trying to get her attention. She can feel the vibrations though and her sense of smell is definitely heightened. I think between that and formerly being a stray, is why she is very people-food hungry. Her little nose gets her into trouble, as she likes to counter surf. She is slowly learning and responding to her punishments.

Bailey also will jump right in her kennel to eat, but is not a fan of having to go in there for bedtime, so she is currently being spoiled & picks out a spot on the human bed! J She is in her kennel during the work day.

She is potty trained for the most part, no accidents in the kennel and only a few minor accidents in the house since we have had her. She absolutely loves her foster humans and fur babies!!

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Dallas, TX

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