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2 years, 7 months
Large  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


M&G Adoption Fee: $350

**Good with dogs ** Crate trained
Bannon is ready to find his forever home. He has been excelling at his basic command training (sit, stay and come) as well as his leash training. He is kennel trained and does excellent through the night. He is also doing really well with his house training.

Bannon is a little nervous meeting people for the first time, but with a proper introduction period (and lots of treats) he will slowly show you his happy lovable self. He is always following his person around the house using every opportunity that he has to beg for affection. My favorite has to be when he is so excited for a treat, affection, etc, that he will shake his puppy booty so hard, that he ends up doing a body roll. After that kind of performance, it is truly difficult to deny him what he was initially asking for.

Bannon has proven to be a very loyal dog and is bound to always be at your side for years to come! Do YOU have it in your heart to welcome Bannon into your home?

This pup is looking for someone just like you. Click the ADOPT button below and meet this incredible pup who is looking for a fresh start!



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Minneapolis, MN

(763) 503-4990

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