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Sussex, NJ


Barney Fife is a handsome Beagle boy that might have a little something else mixed in, but mostly a true Beagle Boy! This guy is 4 years old, weighs 34 pounds and has so many wonderful qualities that you will be excited to hear. Barney Fife captures your heart immediately with his beautiful face and dreamy eyes. He looks at you with such an imploring gaze that asks…”will you love me forever and take me home?” His foster dad is a real Beagle lover and every night Barney lays at the foot of the bed along with the cat and the other foster dog; just a nice homey dog that loves the little things in life. He is wonderful with the cat, the other dogs in his life, even the dog on the other side of the fence who barks and barks at him; he isn’t flustered or annoyed. This dog is the total package since he is housetrained, easy going, loving, mellow, watches whatever TV channel you want to watch and he will let you win any political argument that you want to pitch at him. Barney is yours all the way. He is not shy and will flop down and roll over for a belly rub; total submission and always ready to go for a walk, a run or a leisurely stroll. Barney Fife is the dog you DON’T want to get away.
PLEASE NOTE: Our dogs are transported from Tennessee to meeting places in the states where we have posted. Further information about us is given on our Adopt-A-Pet site. The adoption fees vary and will be provided as well as noted on the application you receive. Contact us at 615-661-5333 or

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Sussex, NJ

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