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American Staffordshire Terrier

7 months
Large  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


Hi, I’m Baxter! I am a super soft handsome boy and I can’t wait to meet you! I am super duper smart and I’m learning tons of stuff at my foster home. I am fully potty trained and crate trained. I would prefer to stay next to my humans, but they give me treats in my kennel so I know it’s a good place. When I hear “Kennel! Treat!” I run right into my kennel and sit patiently. I am also working on learning “wait” and “leave it”. I’m a pretty big fan of treats and human interaction so I’m very motivated to keep learning obedience!
I currently live with an 11-year-old little human and we have tons of fun together! I think the little humans are the most fun to be around and the best to cuddle with! I also have a feline foster brother and we get along really well. I sometimes try to play with him, but when he seems like he doesn’t want to, I leave him alone. My canine foster sister is my favorite. She’s a Save-a-Bull alum so she is really good at showing me the ropes. We romp and play in the yard a lot. I also like to take her toys, run around the house and then bring them back to her.
My foster parents say that I’m one of the most polite, considerate dogs they have ever met. I don’t force people to pet me, but I go and sit right next to them, or right on their feet and then they usually pet me! I really like to lean on my humans too. Being close to them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I would love to have another dog to play with or some little humans to run around with at my forever home but as long as my new family is loving I will be the happiest dog in the world!

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Minneapolis, MN

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