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Mount Airy, NC


Baxter’s life since a puppy was on a chain. His owners fed and watered him on a whim. His area of the yard was always covered in garbage and debris, and he was continually getting his chain wrapped around objects that prevented him from entering his doghouse.
When the backdoor of their residence opened, Baxter would always run towards them until jerked to a stop at the end of his chain. He would jump up and down; tail wagging. They never, ever, talked to him or patted him. They would walk past, throw out their garbage or brush, and go right back inside. Baxter would watch that closed door for a long time, hoping in vain someone would come back. They never did.
The neighbor called animal control on his owners many times. Animal control would arrive and either give them a better collar or a swivel on the chain to bring them into compliance with county guidelines. They said his body condition was good. The main reason for this was the neighbor. She would go and give him food and water (his water bucket would lay on its side for days at a time).
Finally the neighbor was able to legally get Baxter and take him straight to the vet. He was full of parasites, but now is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.
Baxter is a Boxer/Mastiff mix. He is approximately a year and a half old. He weighs 56 pounds and is a brindle color with four white socks. In spite of his background he has a very sweet temperament. At the vet’s office he loved all the attention and didn’t growl or show any aggression towards the other dogs waiting in the lobby. He has no food aggression issues even though he went days without food. He does not like going to the bathroom indoors and tries to hold it until going outside.
If you would like to meet Baxter please fill out an application from our website.

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Mount Airy, NC

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1 year ago

I would like to meet peewee,,,,,,,,befor I adopt him.....

Lee Collins

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