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6 years, 3 months
Small  |  Male

Delaware, Oh


Baxter has handsome ginger hair and long lean legs.
Baxter is a sweet, gentle, submissive little dog -until it comes to his toys. He will snatch a stuffed toy out of the mouths of his doggie friends and run away with it. He is a known hoarder of toys. He wants them ALL!!!
He enjoys eating, sunning in the window and sleeping on his human's legs. He has no sense of etiquette and will squeeze into any space he can find to sit touching his human. He loves to give stinky kisses and bark at strange noises. He will put his paw on your leg to let you know that you should be petting him.
He is working on potty training. He uses pee pads and has full run of the house. He can usually be found dozing on his human's bed or in the window waiting for the return of said human.
He is not the best on a leash but he hasn't had much training. He runs around his big backyard - looking for toys to steal and sticks to chew or occasionally a piece of poop to snack on.
If you are looking for a dog who will follow you everywhere and give you kisses and adoring glances, then Baxter is the boy for you.
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Delaware, Oh

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