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Bean ~ Our Beanie Baby!


Medium  |  Female

Caldwell, NJ


Bean’s Woof-Facts
Female, bulldog mix, 1-1/2 years old, 40 lbs. Super-friendly, wiggles her way right into your heart Crate trained; in the process of learning basic commands and house manners Moderate-to-high energy level Extremely enthusiastic, especially when meeting new canine playmates No small dogs, cats or children under 10 years of age
Quick Introduction to Bean
Hi, I’m Bean — a passionate girl who loves to mingle! My close friends call me Beanie Baby — remember those stuffed animal collector’s items that were all the rage back in the day? Well, I’m just as adorable, 100% authentic, and in my own way, kind of soft and wiggly. That’s right, I’m your very own Beanie Baby come to life! I love people, walk well on a leash, and especially enjoy rolling in the grass. Did you ever laugh so hard that you “snort” (I know you did, at least just once in your lifetime!)? Well, when I lie on my back and roll in the grass, I do this kinda snorting thing too – just to let everyone know how truly happy I am. Wanna join me?

Bean’s Background
Sadly, I was found as a stray and ended up at an inner-city shelter. On the last day of my stray-hold, my owners came and got me. Believe it or not, I was then found as a stray again, roaming the scary streets by myself for a second time, and this time my prior owners didn’t even care enough to come find me. From what it looked like at the time of my rescue, it didn’t seem like I was well taken care of in my prior home. I tell myself, maybe that was why I kept leaving my prior home, to try to find someone to help me and provide me with the love I truly deserve… to find a better place to call home. Thanks to FernDog, that dream will now come true.

Bean in Her Foster Home
I’ve been in my foster home now for only a few weeks. Prior to that for a temporary period of time, I stayed at the animal hospital that helps FernDog. There, I got to meet so many people who would care for me, take me on walks, give me hugs, and all that good stuff! I made sure that this Beanie Baby wiggled her soft and squishy self, right into each of their hearts. They always told me that I’m such a good and lovable girl. They said I walk well on a leash. They liked how curious and aware of my surroundings I am. Excitingly, I’m in a foster home now, and my foster mom is so loving and squishy too – we make a precious pair! I’m crate trained, and as long as I have my yummy stuffed Kong with me while she’s at work, I’m golden! My foster mom has also come to discover that I LOVE water – whether it’s a hose, the rain, a pool, stream or lake, I’m always up for the party! You can see for yourself in my streaming videos (no pun intended – woof)!

Living with Bean
I love people but since I have a super-enthusiastic personality and am still learning my house manners, I’m best in a home with children who are older than ten years of age. For example, I’m learning that it’s not polite to jump on people, even if all I’m trying to do is show them my excitement and love. You see, I’m young, but I a smart girl (not a bean-head at all) who wants to be an even better Beanie Baby, so I’m ready and willing to learn basic commands (hint: yummy treats really inspire me). I have a high-to-moderate energy level and need to be taken on a couple of walks a day, along with some playtime. I’m not the long-distance runner type, but some strolls together will bring us both good exercise and laughs (especially if I do some rolling in the grass and snorting type of stuff). Also, I enjoy playing with other dogs so it’s an option for me to live in a home with a furry friend – a canine companion about my size with a friendly and calm disposition would be the ideal match (to offer a balance to my enthusiastic self). A home with small dogs and cats is not an option for me at this point in time.

Bean’s Medical Needs
FernDog has taken such great care of me! They had me spayed, which was a necessity that’s already taken care of. I also had surgery for something called Entropion (which are inverted eyelids). That went well, my eyes are all better, and I’m ready to take in all the beautiful views of my lifetime going forward.

Bean’s Forever Home
I’m looking for a family who will love and treasure me -- a home who will take care of this happy-go-lucky love-bug, and let me wiggle my way deep into their hearts. If you are ready to be my love-bean, please contact FernDog and let them know that you want to forever cherish your very own full-of-life Beanie Baby. Ask about me, Bean!

Adopt Me
Caldwell, NJ

(888) 850-7069

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