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Beatrice and Thor

Domestic Medium Hair

Medium  |  Male

Arlington, VA


These kittens are just adorable!

Name: Beatrice, Loki, Oswald and Thor
Born: May 2016
Sex: 3 Males/ 1 Female
Description: See write up
BEATRICE, LOKI, OSWALD & THOR are little love bugs who will melt your heart. They need to be adopted with a compatible sibling, along with another like-minded SPCA kitten or into a home with a young cat to bond and play with. They do well with older kids who are gentle and respectful of their need to be kittens!
BEATRICE (medium-haired) has soft and silky smooth fur. She is the only female of the group and behaves like the little princess that she is. Beatrice is very curious and sometimes instigates play with her brothers but they are a bit too rambunctious for her. Beatrice needs a calmer female kitten to bond with and a home that's quite to moderately active to fit her temperament.
LOKI (short-haired) (adopted!) is a happy go lucky kitten. He likes to play and wrestle with his littermates. Loki is also a snuggler who looks for you when he wants to cuddle and rewards you with a loud and happy purr. He loves to explore and likes to find the highest place possible to check things out.
OSWALD (short-haired) (adopted!) is a sweet little lover who seeks lots of cuddles and attention. He likes to sit close to you and likes to rub against your leg or jump into your lap. Oswald has a very loud and happy purr motor that is sure to melt your heart.
THOR (medium-haired) is the most adventuresome and independent male of the group. He loves to pounce, wrestle and play with his pals and climb on the scratching post. Although he's usually busy exploring and playing, he does come up to his foster family for snuggles and head scratches. Thor is also quite the purr baby and is beyond tolerant, letting the child in his foster home carry him around.
These kittens came into our care with their mom, Tina, from a local shelter.
These kittens came into our care with their mom, Tina, from a local shelter.
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