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5 years, 4 months
Large  |  Male

Burnsville, MN



Belcher is a sweet southern gentleman who was found as a stray in South Carolina. He is friendly, good with other dogs and good on a leash. He has some typical Boxer lumps and bumps that we are getting looked at and a pretty deep wound on his back end that the vet is getting all taken care of.
UPDATE: Belcher is recovering from an upper respiriatory infection and will be having surgery next week to be neutered and have some bumps removed. Please keep him in your thoughts and please consider donating to his care at Thank you!!
THE LATEST!!! Belcher had his surgery and did fantastic!! He arrived at his North Carolina foster home yesterday and is getting all settled in. He is doing OK with learning to kennel up but feels better about it if his foster fursister is kenneled next to him :) He is housebroken and just an all around pretty chill Boxer boy.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Belcher is doing great!!! He is very sweet and loving. He had another tumor come up and it was removed last week. He is recovering well in his foster home :)
So Belcher is doing wonderful. We had the last of his staples removed from his belly on Monday. We have some antibiotics to finish up and Dr. Pressley also believes that Belcher should stay on the Benadryl and Pepcid for the rest of his life. Both are over the counter (can be bought in bulk from Sams) and not very expensive.

Lets see, we just returned from a quick walk. Belcher is pretty good on his leash. He just needs some gentle reinforcement now and then. When he wants to be outside or when someone comes to the door, he has a bad habit of thinking that its time to go. He runs and then I have to grab him and pull him back inside.

Speaking of which, he is a lover not a fighter. He is pretty sensitive and generally eager to please. He LOVES to go for rides. Every time I open the garage door he bolts for the truck. He tries to get a little mouthy (actually he howls to talk, but when he starts to bark I tell him no yelling and stop).

We went to the dog park for the first time yesterday and that was a success. No issues with other dogs. His Boxer fursister Shelby would like him to play more, but he would rather just observe.

He has been a perfect house guest. There is one problem we have with him, but that should not deter someone for adopting him. He snores. It is louder than a human snore and wakes us up in the middle of the night! Joe takes to leaving the bedroom and sleeping elsewhere. His new owner will have to figure that one out, but that would be are only complaint.

Belcher is really a very nice guy to have around. Pretty mellow, good with others, and is pretty well behaved. He is Mr. Routine. Gets up the same time every morning to be fed and then will lay back down if needed.

Everybody who meets him comments how handsome he is.

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Burnsville, MN

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