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Bella and Mittens (Courtesy Post)

Domestic Short Hair


Elmsford, NY


Bella and Mittens need a new home.
Their adoptive mom can no longer care for them, as she has been ill and in the hospital. They are currently in White Plains.
They are both 6 years old- both birthdates: 3/21/2010. They are not biological sisters, but have been living together since they were kittens.

Attached are photos of Bella and Mittens. In the first photo, the kitty sitting up is Mittens; the one lying down is Bella. The second photo is of Bella. The third photo is of Mittens.

A "little princess". She likes to be the center of attention. Although she is very affectionate, she is also timid for a long time after being in a new situation, and hides for long periods of time.
Spayed; all immunizations up to date.

Has a lot of energy. Likes to play! Although timid at first, she warms up to people. She is quite talkative!
Mittens has an autoimmune condition called Pillow Foot. Her paws need to be checked for swelling, and she needs to be watched for limping. If an issue, she has been treated with steroids for the condition.
Her claws should be clipped once a month.
Spayed; all immunizations up to date.

Amy Gross

Adopt Me
Elmsford, NY

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