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Ben *CL*

Jack Russell Terrier

Medium  |  Male

Raytown, MO


Ben is an adorable, affectionate and loyal dog. He has a fun personality that is very entertaining to be around. He has the cutest way of communicating with people by making little wookie noises to let them know what is on his mind. He enjoys cuddling and hanging out but he also is very athletic and enjoys going on outdoor adventures and playing fetch.
Ben is a well behaved dog and is a proud graduate of the Midwest Dog Training board and stay program. He knows how to come, sit, lay down, go to place and has good leash manners. He is in excellent physical condition and receives regular checkups at the Vet.
Ben is an extremely social and affectionate dog with people that he knows. He requires introductions with strangers that come into the house. He is very good with medium and large sized dogs and enjoys playing with them. He currently lives with two large dogs that are his good friends.
I have had Ben for over four years and planned on keeping him forever but I have recently gotten married and have a baby on the way. Although Ben is very lovable he does have some issues and boundaries that have to be respected.
Ben has issues with people kissing him around his face. He will sit on your chest and give you kisses but absolutely does not like it if you give them back. He loves to be petted around his face, and is very affectionate but he just does not like to be kissed for some reason. He did bite me once when I forced him to accept a kiss on top of his head. Please note that his training happened after he bit me and the training focused on this issue. He also is uncomfortable around children and aggressive dogs.
Ben is a fantastic dog that offers lots of love. If we were not starting a family we would not be looking to rehome him. We need to find him a home that will love his fantastic personality but does not have children, cats, small dogs, or aggressive dogs. If that sounds like your home, Ben is a wonderful companion.
As previously mentioned, Ben is a graduate of the Midwest Dog Training program. They did work with Ben on his issues and are confident that he is a well mannered dog. They are offering a training guarantee for Ben’s new family. They will travel to your home and provide a training refresher course free of charge. To learn more about Ben’s Training program you can visit their website at

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Raytown, MO

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