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3 years, 1 month
Small  |  Male

Greenwood, La



Bentley is a fun, loving, energetic boy looking for his new best friend(s) and family!

Little boy Bentley. Where to start...
Bentley was found as a matted stray. His temperament is so amazing and puppy-like, so someone just wasn't taking care of him properly. His mats were so bad he has wounds on his bottom. We had to shave away most of his beautiful hair as it was far too matted to be salvaged. He doesn't have the cute look he used to but it will grow back. (His before and after pictures will be available.)
Firstly, Bentley has a lot of energy! Not going to say it any other way. He LOVES to play with other dogs. So much so that some dogs get annoyed haha. We need to find him a best friend. He is young, maybe 3 or younger. His playing can be a little rough for some so I suggest teaching him to be more gentle. He tries to play with the cat too, haha.
Bentley gets attached to his "people." I was the person that first loved on him at the shelter so he knows me now. I held him in my arms and he just hugged me. My nickname for him is Huggy Bear. When we put him back in the kennel run he cried for us. After he came under the rescue he would whimper at an event if I left him. He wanted to go with me! He would calm down of course but it was so sweet to see his connection to me. Now he has this connection with his foster as well. He just loves his people! As far as children go Bentley is great around kids BUT he may try to play too hard and nip a child on accident. I know he nipped me one day trying to play! haha. Not bad it was a pinch but for a child that's all it takes. I have a 4 year old myself so if Bentley were mine I'd be sure he had a play friend and monitor and teach him.
When you leave your home Bentley will most likely whine. Like stated, he's like a puppy and will have to learn. We do require a yard for Bentley as he needs to be able to run and play with friends! He will of course require regular grooming. So far Bentley seems house trained. He needs to be let our regularly but of course each home is different and you will have to get your set schedule.
Vetting: Bentley is neutered, dewormed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, on heartworm and flea/.tick prevention, and microchipped under the rescue. At his initial weigh in he was around 16.4 lbs. Around 3 years old. His adoption fee is $100. It is of course required our animals be kept on monthly heartworm prevention! Please research heartworms if you do not know about them. We microchip our animals under our rescue and if they are ever found we will be contacted in order to get a hold of the owner.
Bentley is a fun, loving, energetic boy looking for his new best friend(s) and family!
Please email us at for directions on applying to adopt Bentley.

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Greenwood, La

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