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Old Man Bernie


Medium  |  Male

Austin, TX


Do you love adorable dogs that howl at sirens? If you are looking to save a life and want an older mellow friend for your dog, this is your guy. If you are ok NOT snuggling the second dog in your life, this is the dog for you.
Bernie is an older gentleman. He is slow and sleeps a lot. He is grateful for a warm bed and a good meal. He is a funny man too because he knows that people are helping him but he also wants to maintain his freedom. He lived on the streets so long that he no longer knows how to be a pet dog. He comes in and out of the house to potty and is happy to be near people but he is not crazy about being petted or touched.
He would love to join a family with at least one other dog (he likes dogs and gets excited around them for a few minutes) so that he can live out his days with love and happiness. And he loves feeding time!
His body is tired. He deserves the good life now to enjoy the golden years.
We believe he would be good with cats due to his mellow behavior. Probably not good with kids who can't resist petting:)

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Austin, TX

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