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American Staffordshire Terrier

1 year, 8 months
Medium  |  Male

Littleton, co


Give me a "B" for Barry!!!
Big, Beautiful, Blue, Bully! Yep, that's me!
Howdy folks! My name is Barry and I have sought the start of a new life here in Colorado after having somewhat of a rough start back in Houston, Texas.
I am approximately 3 years of age and a very outgoing guy who loves the promise of adventure! I LOVE to go on walks to explore new places and meet new people! Because of my size and exuberance, I might do best in an adult home or a home with older children.
In general, I am a "typical" bully. I am excited about the prospect of interacting with other canines, although I am a bold personality and am learning to control my approach to others -- I just get so excited! And, I have definite opinions about appropriate play/interaction with others. So, although I generally do not seek to start trouble, I love my people and can be protective of them on an as-needed basis.
Although my exact history is unknown to my rescuers, they can tell that I was neglected; underweight and heartworm positive, they have worked hard to restore my beautiful coat, put on some much needed weight and are preparing me for heartworm treatment so that I may lead a long and healrhy life!
Otherwise, I am a complete goofball! I am happy, go-lucky and am really looking forward to having new adventures here in Colorful Colorado with a new best friend!
I am a "leaner" -- I love to be next to you and would love the opportunity to be a big 'ol love sponge in a house with a family of my own. My rescuers think that I would do best in a home with a yard in which to roam, explore and play.
If you are interested in meeting me or learning more about me, please contact the nice ladies at 2BABR! I am excited to meet you!

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Littleton, co

Top Reviews

2 months ago

I have fostered for this rescue for over a year and have successfully placed over 20 dogs for them and only heard wonderful feedback. I am still in contact with quite a few of the adopters and they had a great experience with the rescue. It is sad to see bad reviews because the dogs are like children to the owners and they take the adoptions very seriously. I think people also don't realize that their license is at stake if they don't stick to very stringent rules and parameters and vetting schedules. The state requires certain vetting to be done and they are accountable to show proof of it. If they are shut down, no more dogs are pulled, end of story (literally probably the end of the dogs story). I certainly did have a home check per PACFA regulations and have personally conducted home checks for fosters to be placed. Its impossible to please everyone but be assured the dogs best interest are really at heart with them and they take very good care of their dogs.


2 months ago

I've been fostering (volunteering) for this rescue for about a year


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