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7 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Male

Princeton, MN



Hello there, my name is Bilbo. I joined Ruff Start Rescue all the way from a Texas shelter.
Here is what my foster mom says about me:
He walks off leash when it is OK to do…he stops on command…
runs to happily meet other dogs…
likes people…
stands patiently while conversation ensues while on our walks
…loves to chase all critters…does his duties against the woods or back of yard (this I can’t believe!!)
Bilbo sleeps in his dog bed on the floor …because he wants to…he does jump into bed to cuddle before that.
This gentleman is quiet as a mouse in the house…doesn’t bark when people come to the door….doesn’t bite them!
He has an incredible memory….as we walk he knows which residents, both dog and people, were friendly to him on prior walks.
Bilbo has a ton of patience. He waits quietly for everything…only talks when he really needs to go outside.
If you want to learn more about me and meet me please let us know!
Thank you for reading what a perfect dog I am… J

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Princeton, MN

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