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Salt Lake City, UT


Birdy is NO couch potato! He plays hard, he kisses with enthusiasm and cuddles without hesitation. He's a brave little Chiweenie who is quick to defend his people, and lets you know that he is on the job. Birdy is a young boy who loves to play; big dogs, little dogs, cats, people, he loves to play with everyone. So while this might be great for a young playful puppy or kitty, or just fine for a dog savvy cat who knows how to put him in his place, a more skittish cat or tired old dog would need a safe quiet place to hang out when Birdy is in the mood to rough house. Birdy is also working on having a soft mouth so he might do better with older children. Birdy is very smart and eager to please his person, and he really loves his treats. He also loves to go for walks and he is passionate about hiking. Don't let his little legs fool you, he can keep up just fine!

At the shelter, they noticed Birdy was having some trouble with coughing. At first they thought it might be a virus but as it turns out, Birdy had a respiratory infection that did a pretty mean number on his lungs. The infection is gone but it left some inflammation that was really giving him a rough time. We have him on some medication to treat this inflammation and we are waiting to see how it turns out. He could heal up great and not have any more problems, or he might end up needing medication long term. Due to Birdy being so young, the doc is very optimistic about Birdy's future. But even if this brave little fellow needs medication long term, don't let his diagnosis scare you. This guy is an energetic, otherwise healthy little trooper who can't wait for his forever people to take him out and explore the world!

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