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5 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Dallas, Tx


Bix is a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix with a short coat. An adult male, he would make a wonderful companion for someone who has time and patience.
When taken off the streets by Duck Team 6, he was a smart street dog who had a mate and 5 puppies approximately 9 months old. The family was being hand fed twice daily by a Good Samaritan who was watching out for their welfare – and Bix loved the personal attention. She told us that Bix protected his little family from coyotes that threatened his babies, and he eventually chased the coyotes away from the area entirely.
Once he was settled with a foster, it became quite apparent that Bix did not have any problems getting along with the other dogs and cats in the household. While he prefers to be with the dogs, he allows the cats to get close and rub against him. Bix would actually rather be an observer and tends to avoid confrontations with his foster siblings. He likes to chew on a hoof or soft toy and will usually stay in his bed when in the house. He wants to be in the same room with his people and will “ask” for pets and scratches behind the ears. He will also stare hopefully when mealtime approaches and, when he gets his food, the tail starts wagging.
Bix is unsure of new people, when they are standing. When people are sitting, he will approach and is especially confident when in the company of other dogs. Bix is a very sweet and gentle boy who would benefit from ongoing training in his new home. He seems to like routine, but he is becoming more adaptable to change. He will do best in a home with other dogs in which he can feel safe and confident.

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Dallas, Tx

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