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American Staffordshire Terrier

2 years, 6 months
Large  |  Male

Phoenixville, PA



BLAKE was rescued from a high kill shelter in NYC. Here's what they had to say about BLAKE. Blake is a 2 year old APBT mix. His family got him as a puppy from his previous owner/breeder but are no longer able to care for him. A family friend cared for him for 1 month and relinquished him to ACC. SOCIALIZATION Blake is friendly/outgoing with new people. He has spent time with children and is relaxed, playful, tolerant, and plays gently with children and adults. He lived with 7 large dogs (male and female) and was relaxed, playful, tolerant, and played somewhat rough with them. He fathered 2 litters of puppies. HE LIVED WITH CATS AND WAS RELAXED AND RESPECTFUL OF THEM, GIVING THEM SPACE WHEN THEY RESTED. He’s never bit anyone. BEHAVIOR Blake doesn’t mind when someone takes his food/treat/toy, moves him off furniture, holds/restrains him, or wakes him up. He is nervous during baths and nail trims. He’s friendly with strangers who approach his home/family. FOR A NEW FAMILY TO KNOW Blake’s family describes him as friendly, affectionate, playful, smart, and medium energy. He’s excitable (playing all the time) when he’s with other dogs from the home, but mellow (relaxing) when he’s just with human family. Blake follows his family. He plays with bones, rope toys, and stuffed toys. He plays chase and tug. He lived inside and sleeps with his owners or on a dog bed. He ate dry and wet Blue Wilderness foods. He’s housetrained, potties in grass and around trees and trashcans, and doesn’t have accidents. He’s well-behaved while home alone. He knows the commands “sit,” “come,” and “bring me the remote.” He went for brisk walks and pulled on the leash. His family also walked him without a leash and he wanders but comes when called. INTAKE Blake allowed us to collar him. He became tense while we put a new leash around his neck, but quickly resumed wagging his tail. Best fit: Active family; . Single or couples who love to hike, boat, swim; CATS OKAY. Email to find out more about meeting BLAKE. His adoption fee is $150.00 and every adoption starts as a two week trial 'sleepover' to ensure a good fit. Better yet, fill out the ONLINE application to adopt BLAKE at We make this will hear back from us within HOURS.

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Phoenixville, PA

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