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Pit Bull Terrier

3 years
Medium  |  Female

Gilbertsville, PA


****Will be available to adopt in November 2016****
Update 10/12/16: So, my surgery remains on schedule for the 26th of this month. I am so eager to get my surgery as I find that I just tire so quickly with my heart pumping abnormally. I went to an event this past week and I was so beyond excited to see all the dogs and people. But I get overstimulated and overwhelmed so quickly. I think it is because my heart can't handle the activity and I get over tired and sensitive. I took a couple days to relax and am back to my norm, yay! I am so thankful to all who have opened their heart in order to help mine, by donating towards my surgery. I long to have a healthy full life where I can love and be loved, cuddling and playing with my furevers...I can't meet you soon enough.
Update: 9/21/16: Chiming in with some updates! I am one of the most easy going pups you'll ever meet!! My foster mom said she has never met a pup so chill and cooperative at getting baths, getting nails trimmed and visiting the Vet. I rarely bark, so I am not a candidate to be a guard dog. So, if UPS, FedEx, other dogs, Girl Scouts, neighbors, friends, strangers, salespeople, etc drive/walk by or approach the house, I am not going to be the one to make a big bark out of it. I'll just be happy to be the greeter!! Even when the other dogs start barking their heads off at all the above mentioned items, I'm just chill. I love playing with my fur siblings and being with my humans. so please don't think that I am not excitable. I'd run and play every minute if my humans would allow it. And that is about the only time you'll ever hear a little bark out of me. When I feel you're taking too long to throw the ball for fetch! Another little known fact about me...I love ice cubes!! Whenever I hear the water or ice dispenser, I'm rolling in for a cool, refreshing treat! I have also gotten much better at my commands, I am proud to say. I know 'Stay', 'Leave It', 'Drop', 'Go Potty', 'Go Poop', 'Time Out', 'Kennel Up', 'Load Up', 'Inside', 'Upstairs', 'Downstairs', plus the ones I first reported on listed below. Oh, and one other thing. I don't drool!!!! It just isn't very lady like... But, I do like giving kisses to my humans to convey how much I love them. I love to snuggle with them and relax in the evenings. Can't wait to meet my furever humans...I know you're out there.

July 2016: Hi there, Blanca here! Thank you for stopping by to visit my profile. My original owner surrendered me to ACCT in Philly. I cannot understand why, as I am a good girl. I was so grateful when MMR swooped in and rescued me. I had come down with an awful case of kennel cough and an upper respiratory infection while there, so their timing was perfect to provide me a safe and loving environment to heal. I am all better now from my cold and love being able to run and play again. However, I have this other pesky problem. I have a heart murmur - patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) to be specific. I am not sure what that all means, except that it requires surgery. My foster mom tells me that once I have this surgery that I'll be able to live a full life with lots of running and playing. Yay!! And once this surgery is complete, I'll be able to be spayed. In the meantime, I'll be working on my commands and training to be a wonderful addition to your family! I know 'Come', 'Sit', 'Lay Down' and 'Shake' (with either paw). I am getting better at Stay and Leave it, as well as focusing when distractions are around. I am learning some other commands and will report when I get better at them. The newest command I learned is 'Go' before I can start eating. I learned that one in a matter of a week, so I'm a pretty quick learner. That reminds me, I am not food aggressive and I am treat motivated. I am crate trained and housebroken. You just have to watch for me when I sit by the front door. I ride well in the car and am sociable with everyone I meet. I love other dogs and am having a blast playing with my K9 foster brothers. I would love to have a back yard to run free in, but it is not required if you like to walk and/or run. I do well on a leash. I love to play with toys, chew on my antler, and of course cuddling is paradise. My foster mom says I'm sweet, smart and super cute! So, if you are looking for a companion to love and to be loved, then I'm your girl. I'm looking for that too! Please keep an eye on me for updates. Keep your paws crossed for me. I can't wait to meet you!!

P.S. - the MMR folks are doing a fundraiser just for me!! This means more to me than I can will help in repairing my heart so I can run without fear of collapsing and never being able to get up again. If you are able, I'd be most grateful for any contribution you can make. Many thanks, with high fives and puppy kisses!!!
p.p.s. - I am set to have surgery 10/26/16.

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Gilbertsville, PA

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