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Salt Lake City, UT


Hi, I’m Blu and I am 10 years young! I’m a 7-pound black male Chinese Crested (or Xoloitzcuintli) Chihuahua cross. I have the most unusual coat. It is so shiny, very soft and fine, with little or no hair on my underbelly, the inside of my legs, and around my eyes, forehead, and ears. Besides being incredibly handsome, I love my person! I’m very sweet and calm, but will need a little time to feel totally safe with you. Give me space in the beginning and you will see my true self emerge. Before long, you’ll see that I need to be in the same room as you and will wake up in the middle of the night to follow you into the kitchen or even the bathroom. I do love to be gently rubbed around the face and neck. Sometimes I’ll tap you with my foot and put my head down to make it easy for you to scratch my neck. I’m OK with strangers, but just pick me up and hold me so that I know you are in charge (and not me). I am actually a very confident boy. I’m fine with weather-related sounds such as lighting, thunder and wind, as well as the broom, mop, and vacuum. I will admit that sometimes I just get tired of holding my tongue in because I have no teeth on the top of my mouth and only a few left on the bottom. Even though I only have a couple of teeth, I can still eat dry food (small size); just add a little water to wet it. For my perfect family, I’d be happy with any family where all members are kind and loving to me. Small children would not be good for me because they are so unpredictable, but older respectful children might be fine. I don’t have to be an “only” dog, as I presently live with a gentle Lab and a senior Jack
Russell/Chi in my foster home and we all do great. But these dogs are calm and they don’t expect me to play with them! So I guess I’m saying that I’d be OK as an “only” dog, but can co-exist with your other CALM respectful dog(s). If you’re looking for a playmate for your other fur-baby, I’m not your guy! I have been called the “fun police” because I charge and growl at younger dogs horsing around. I’m completely house trained and crate trained. I like a wire crate so that I can see what’s going on. I can be trusted in the house when you’re gone with or without being crated as I don’t have separation anxiety. Also, I am great riding in the car, but I do like to ride shotgun so I can make sure you’re driving safely. I would love to sleep in bed with you (outside the covers), but burrowed in my own blanket. I am still pretty spry, but stairs or a cube would be helpful to jump on your bed. I don’t bark in the yard, but I do alert bark at the evil postman or whoever rings the dreaded doorbell! I will bark at strangers, unless you pick me up and hold me. So if you live in an apartment, I could easily adapt; however, I’d need to learn to do my business on a leash. And by the way, I have very nice leash manners. In the spirit of transparency, I do have a Level 4 heart murmur. It really doesn’t bother me. CAWS had an ultra-sound done recently to check on my heart just to ensure I didn’t need any medication. Test results showed that my heart is strong and I’m as adoptable as any other dog. At some point (years down the road) I might need inexpensive medication for my heart, but certainly not now. The doc says that I will need regular check-ups, just to keep an eye on my condition. So really all you would need to do special if you adopt me is to ensure that I don’t get too over-heated, which means during the summer our walks would be best in the early morning or later in the evening when it is cooler. Won’t you overlook this small medical condition and pick me? I am a gentle, sweet, calm older gentleman; I’m just looking for my very own family to watch over.

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Salt Lake City, UT

(801) 328-4731

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