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Pit Bull Terrier

Large  |  Male

Salt Lake City, UT


Boba is a great big boy who is full of love. He will greet you with a toothy grin and a wiggly backside after a long day at work. He’ll follow you from room to room, even sleeping outside the door while you shower.
Boba loves his adults but can take a little bit more time warming up to kids. They just move so fast that it makes him nervous. Don’t let his size fool you however; he’s a bit of a baby.
He gets along well with his foster sister, Pepsi. They love to wrestle and rough house. Prior to his surgery, they even loved to chase each other (he’s still recovering so he isn’t able to run right now). He loves tennis balls and soft animal toys. He doesn’t do well with sharing toys, bones or food however and can become possessive of them rather quickly.
He is in a home with 3 cats and a pug, all of which he is indifferent to for the most part. If they get in his “perceived space” he can’t get irritated and usually lets it be known by growling.
Boba is great at letting you know when someone is coming to the house. He’ll bark his giant bark and wait for your response. Once you’ve let him know all is well, he goes back to business as usual – which is generally wrestling or sleeping upside down.
Boba loves to go for walks, but with his medical conditions, would never really be a good hiking buddy.

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