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Bonnie Belle-adoption pending


5 years, 6 months

Landenberg, PA


-09/13/16 Update: Bonnie has been with us for a couple of weeks now. She is a fantastic girl. Very sweet and affectionate in a quiet way. She gets along great with other dogs larger than she is and with smaller dogs after a short adjustment period--she just seems a little overexcited at first. She is very good with cats also. Bonnie is not a big barker, even when the other dogs are causing a ruckus. She is very well behaved in the house and does not need to be crated. She sleeps through the night on a dog bed next to our bed.

6/20/16 Update: Bonnie is pefect family dog, a little girl (less than 20 lbs) sweet, gentle and quiet and who loves kids. She sleeps in her crate at night with no problem and walks calmly on a leash. She is affectionate with people and knows "sit and lie down" commands. She and our dog are getting along better and even take naps together. She is still working on housetraining but has improved steadily since she arrived. She can jump a 3 ft fence, so she must kept on a leash or in a yard with a 4 ft of higher fence or an invisible fence system.

Coming to our rescue June 4th: Bonnie is a small,gentle natured beagle mix, lovely with other dogs, perfect for kids, loving and very sweet.

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Landenberg, PA

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