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American Shorthair

2 years, 11 months
Medium  |  Male

Maywood, IL


Such a pretty boy and gorgeous coloring too, more than a basic orange tabby, a light glowing golden. Shy but sweet because he was born in the home of a well-meaning cat lover whose cat population turned into a hoarding situation. Catvando is often called in for these kinds of situations and traps the cats, evaluates them, gets them veterinary care and adopts the friendly ones into homes. The ones who are not socialized are integrated into a colony or very often become permanent residents of Catvando. Boots limps a little from an old leg injury and is a little cross eyed, which we think is cute. He is not crazy about being picked up but that could change when he has his own person and some stability. There are plenty of cats who live their whole life and don't like to be picked up and get along just fine with their people. He does give sniffy little whiskery kisses for your nose and who doesn't like that? Boots is shy but sweet with a lot of potential and mostly needs a safe stable home to know he is loved and belongs. At Catvando he is one of many cats and doesn't get the individual attentions he needs. He tolerates other cats and dogs but might be happiest as your one and only in a quiet adult home.

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Maywood, IL

(708) 829-6013

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12 months ago

Your baby looks so innocent. Such a sweet little face. I wonder what he likes like other kittens. He appears to be kind of quiet and cuddly, I like him very much. If possible, I'd like to see her on Monday. I live in Elgin. Thank you for your time, Sincerely,Jan Tighe email

jan tighe

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