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Medium  |  Male

Tonawanda , NY


Wants to be loved and held!

Boss waited for rescue for 1 1/2 years. He is now 2 and here with us at last. During that long wait, he must have been infected with heartworm. Sadly, he is now heartworm positive. Don't worry. That won't keep him from becoming a fantastic new friend to a family out there. It just means he needs to undergo treatment before he can get adopted. Better Days will take care of that.
Boss is very sweet and is very loving to us all. His favorite time is when he is cuddling and snuggling with his new friends. He also likes to play and eat! He weighs about 36 pounds. He has beautiful eyes and look at that face. He is special. He missed out on a lot of everyday experiences while in the south. Things like riding in a car were scary to him. Walking on a leash? He missed out on that, also. But Boss is making up for lost time. He is getting used to everything that he missed out on. But he is very much missing a home of his own. Who will apply for this hard luck guy? Who will take him home and show him true love?
If if you are interested in adopting Boss, please go to And apply right now. He is ready and has been waiting for you! His adoption fee is $275.00
PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in any of our dogs, please fill out an application. An interested adopter with a tentatively approved application always takes precedence over someone who calls or emails us. You will not be obligated to adopt if you fill out an application. However, it shows us you are serious and we can check that you sound like a good fit for that particular dog.
**If you fill out an application and get an error message, scroll back to the top to see what caused the error. In most cases, people left an item blank. You must write something for every item, even if it is n/a.

Adopt Me
Tonawanda , NY

(716) 335-0045

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