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American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Richmond, IN


To adopt go to and submit an application. Hello, my name is Bridget. I got my name after being seen living around 2 bridges out in the county. I lived there for a couple of weeks scared to go to anyone as I was so afraid they would not be very nice. Many people threw food out from their cars for me but some just yelled. Finally a group of people got together and trapped me on the bridge. I was so scared that I growled and growled but still they put a blanket around me and picked me up. I rode in a truck back to the shelter, all the time hiding under the blanket unsure of what I would see if I looked out. When I was taken out of the truck and the blanket finally lifted I was in a room full of people. After scanning the room I realized my blanket was still there and beside it was fresh water and yummy canned food. I almost choked as I ate the food very quickly. Then I felt a soft scratching on my side and it felt good. Still scared, I lifted my head to see who it was. It was one of the people who I had been so scared of on that bridge. I finally noticed the look of love that I had so longed to see. Then as I glanced across the faces around me the room was filled with love and sweet, kind words were being tossed around like tennis balls. I started to feel at ease with these new friends of mine. After I fluffed up my new bed I finally got to close my eyes. Though I have a past I am trying to leave it behind me and move forward to a future with a new family who will love me forever. I am still scared when meeting new people and it takes a bit for me to realize you are ok. I really do want to be loved and if someone would just get to know me I would be by their side for the rest of my life. I am around a year or two old and my adoption fee is $95. This includes my spay, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.
To adopt one of our animals, please visit our shelter, open Tuesday-Saturday from Noon-5pm. You may also submit an application online from our website at or our Facebook page at

Adopt Me
Richmond, IN

(765) 962-6811

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