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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Medium  |  Male

Enterprise, FL


Hi my name is Brody, and I’m a healthy, hearty boy just about two years young. Let me tell you a few very important things about me.

*My absolute favorite things in life are TOYS!! I’ve become quite a collector and my bed is my toy bin. But don’t worry, even though I love to have them with me I share with all who want to play.

*I just love to goof around with my foster brothers and sister. We always play a good game of “I want your toy not mine”. We also race around the yard, and I run and leap like a gazelle. That’s probably my second favorite past-time so a secure, fully fenced-in yard is a must for me.

*I thrive on the company of a confident buddy or two, about my size and possibly age, mostly so they can keep up with my playtime antics. I’ve learned so much from the others, they show me that it’s okay when I’m not sure about something.

*Patience, patience and more patience. I’m a shy guy and people make me very nervous. So I MUST have someone who isn’t expecting me to be the typical Cavalier – social butterfly and lapdog. I will take time to approach you and find the courage to sniff you. But eventually when you’re least expecting it, if you let me, I will investigate your toes – I’m fascinated by them!

*I need to have a safe place I can call my own, where I can hide until I’m brave enough to come back out to face the scary world that has those noisy things like a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or coffee grinder. And I’m still a young pup who can get into mischief if left alone so for safety reasons my own space is a must. That and the right kind of training will go a long way for me.

*I don’t do well being left alone so I want someone who’s home most of the time. I get lonely and need nurturing and the company of the person I trust. The more time I spend with my people the more I seem to blossom.

I could go on and on about me but at the end of the day, I need someone who is going to understand me and my needs. I can be just as sweet and loving in my own way. I really am cute, just a work-in-progress. It will likely take a long time to be considered “normal” – but what is “normal” these days anyway! I really have come a long way from where I started, and I have faith that the right family will help me continue to grow more confident with each day.

Brody is being fostered in Pembroke Pines, FL and his adoption fee is $650.
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Enterprise, FL

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