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Meeting Pending - Bruno

American Staffordshire Terrier

X-Large  |  Male

Pleasant Hill, CA


Adoption meeting pending! Oh how we love this gentle boy! This very handsome, smooshy-faced boy was scared of his own shadow when we met him at the public shelter, but between his soft, gentle demeanor, great interactions with other animals, and that adorable, pleading face of his, we were putty in his paws. We were very interested in helping him after seeing an online video that showed him fearful of walking through doorways and clearly afraid of what people might do to him. Into a great foster home he went, and we're pleased to say that he blossomed tremendously and is just as fantastic as we'd hoped he'd be - he is a very gentle, affectionate, loyal, sensitive and incredibly smart dog. Bruno is estimated to be 2 years of age and is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccines. He's amazing with both dogs and cats and has never met one he doesn't like. He also looooves playing with his tennis ball and toys (and shares them beautifully), and he's also a fan of hiking and swimming! He's fantastic on leash and loves to go on walks, is housebroken and great in his crate. Bruno is a gem, yet he needs just the right home - his previous life likely wasn't a great one and as such, he bonds with people he trusts, but is slow to trust people he doesn't know. The first time you meet him, he might be too timid to approach, but by the second time, he'll feel infinitely more comfortable. And from there, it only gets better! The best home for Bruno is a quiet adult household, preferably with an active person who enjoys walks and adventures and with whom he can closely bond. He's easy-going, calm and happy to be with his people at home or on an adventure outdoors, and having another confident dog in the home helps to build his confidence tremendously. He'll thrive in a home where there isn't an overabundance of commotion, and given some time to adjust to a new routine, he morphs into a perfectly content companion. He'll be the first to excitedly greet you at the door and want to snuggle up next to you on the couch (or on your lap!), and without doubt, once he knows he can trust you, you have this guy's heart and utmost devotion. He's a buddy in the truest sense of the world - if he's got you, life is good! Location: Foster Home

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Pleasant Hill, CA

(925) 279-2247

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