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5 years, 10 months
Small  |  Male

Beloit, WI



Update 10/09/2016
Hey World, check out my new photos from a special photo shoot. Aren't I handsome!


Hello world—it’s me, Brutus!! Now that I have been in foster care for a while I get to write my updates all by myself!!

First of all, I would like you to know very handsome I am. I am caramel and chocolate colors—and who doesn’t love caramel and chocolate??? According to official Chihuahua breed coloring I am what they call a blue and caramel Chihuahua.

But—since looks aren’t everything—here are a few of my winning and adorable traits:

I am potty trained—that one is always a big hit with potential new Mommies and Daddies!

I love to give kisses and get belly rubs. I love to sit on laps.

I love car rides.

I am very very smart—(watch out world)!!

I play well with others—as long as they are small to medium-sized dogs.

I am 5 years old!! That means that I have gone thru all of that annoying puppy stuff but have many many years to love my new family.

I am a typical Chihuahua personality—and if you know what means, then we are on the right track to being fast friends.

Now that I have you intrigued with my handsome little self, I need to let you know a few more things about me

My life has had its ups and downs. My Daddy had to go into hospice care and that is how I ended up in rescue. Some days the adjustment has been hard for me, but I am learning to love this new life and all the other pups here with me. It takes me a while to trust new people.

Big dogs and dog parks do not work for me—they are a definite NO in my new home. Also—no small children—those little two-leggers are scary for a little guy like me.

I do get scared easily until I know that I can trust you. My new family will have to go slow with me and have patience. I need someone with doggie experience and who will let me come to them at my own pace. When I am afraid it looks like I am trying to be very fierce, but it is just fear. I need a family who understands that about me.

During the day when foster mom is gone I stay in a Pack ‘n Play. This keeps me safe and I love it in there. I would also probably be all right in a crate for short periods of time or gated in a room.

My new home needs to have a very secure fenced yard as I have been known to push thru gates when I hear or see something that needs investigation.

Like a lot of small dogs, sometimes I think that I am bigger than I really am! But I am really 10 pounds of pure soft squishy love.

So—if you love little guys like me and have the patience to wait for me to learn to trust you, we could be best friends and I will love you forever.
My adoption donation is $300.00.

Adopt Me
Beloit, WI

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