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Buddy - 25476

Pit Bull Terrier


Petaluma, CA


This animal is available at the Napa County Shelter
Phone: 707-253-4382
Buddy - 25476
Buddy was our selected pet for this week. He is a handsome, friendly American Bull dog mix who is into giving major kisses all day long. Come and meet Buddy(the guy with the big smile)
Date In: 08/02/2016
Color: black with white
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: M
Age: 4 Years 0 Months
Buddy just wants to play with his toys all day and if he doesn't have a toy he will turn anything into a toy including food bowls and beds. He needs a constant source of enrichment and entertainment or may become destructive trying to entertain himself.
The Napa County Shelter
Erika Gamez
Shelter Manager
942 Hartle Court
Napa, CA 94558
Main Phone: 707-253-4382
Main Fax: 707-253-6191
Kelly Tracey, Shelter Supervisor

Adopt Me
Petaluma, CA

(707) 776-6855

Top Reviews

1 year ago

Hi, he looks similar to my cat that jumped out of my window a few days ago, but avalanche has gold eyes. He would be very upset, too! The limit feline pressed the automatic windows and JPEG out... Still looking for him


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