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BUDDY - Arizona

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

5 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

National Listings, MO



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Breed: Petite Bulldog and Staffordshire Terrier mix
Address: Hopefully yours
Position Sought: Soul mate, room and board included
Availability: Ready to relocate immediately
Education: Graduate of Canine University. Major - Obedience and Basic Companionship with knowledge of:
· Voice commands such as SIT, STAY, and SHAKE
· Riding in a car
· Listening carefully
· Good with baths
· Walking on a leash
· Potty training, will alert you when needing to go out-side for bathroom breaks
· Staying out of others’ property
· Barking prevention, resting quietly when others are gone
· Enjoys his ball and playing
· Crate and doggie-door trained too
Visual Viewing:

Experience History:
· Prior owner found himself in hard times and eliminated the soul mate job
· Talented with experience in “good doggie behavior”
· Currently working as a temp, seeking a permanent position
· Extensive and lengthy training in well-behaved home manners
Special Skills:
· Great listener
· Rides calmly and quietly in the car
· Follows instructions well
· Is calm and gentle when accepting treats
· Licking, slobbering, drooling, and jumping avoidance
· Finding a new best human companion(s)
· Hamburgers at the Golden Arches
· Enjoys having ears rubbed and body massages
· Taking daily walks and car rides
· Keeping you company while watching your favorite sport’s programs or movies
· Adores one-on-one attention
Personal information:
· Vibrant five years young
· Highly intelligent
· Handsome boy with short, soft, blonde hair and gorgeous golden eyes
· Excellent conformation
· Loyal
· Sweet disposition
· Affectionate and loves to please
· Excellent health: 55.0 pounds, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, clean white teeth

This handsome, blonde pooch is looking for his dream match. BUDDY is searching for a new two-legged companion/family due to serious human health problems in his previous home. This fine fella finds himself looking for a position as a soul mate that includes room and board. He has proven extremely well behaved in the home. BUDDY has superior personal training and will not steal food while a human is eating.
While he has great watch dog skills and will make you aware of strange sounds, he won’t cause loss of sleep due to loud barking. He loves playing with his soul mate but also enjoys amusing himself independently. Although he enjoys being active, he is quite willing to rest happily on his soft woolly blanket while his family is away from home or sleeping.
This intelligent canine seeks a position that includes a home with a backyard with enough room to allow him to run and smell. A satisfactory placement would mean no apartments or kitties please. Buddy is great with children and he likes being the center of attention so he is best as the only pet around - who needs more than Buddy anyway!
BUDDY is able to contribute the following personal items to his new home: a sack of premium dog food along with some yummy canned food, new fluffy dog bed, wire crate, a durable collar plus leash, and his detailed vet records. He will also arrive with an unlimited supply of LOVE. BUDDY takes being a human’s best friend as a life’s mission, not a corny label.
Could you be the right partner for him? Contact me to arrange an interview with BUDDY as soon as possible and find out.

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National Listings, MO

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