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Salt Lake City, UT


Buddy is an 11 pound senior Chihuahua with an amazing zest for life. Buddy is very playful. His favorite game is chasing his foster family around the yard and being chased in return. He has even learned to play chase with his canine foster sister who is quite a bit larger! As soon as his family wakes up in the morning he is ready to play with them, excited for the day to come. Buddy has good manners and gets along well with other dogs and cats. He is observant and easy to train, and has learned his foster family’s commands to sit. He barks on occasion to alert his family to things, but stops quickly on his own and in general is very quiet. He loves his daily walk and then is completely content to lounge on the couch or on his cushion. He will greet you at the door when you come home and stand on his hind legs in excitement. Buddy is housetrained and though a senior, is in very good health. When Buddy first came to his foster family he did not like to be picked up. He would respond by growling and showing his teeth. It seems that in his previous home he was with children who did not know to handle him gently and he grew afraid of being held. He is making improvements and now allows himself to be held by people he trusts. He will need some time in his new home to feel safe enough for this. He does well around dog savvy children who know to respect his space. Buddy has been a snuggler from the beginning, he just needs to start off snuggling on his own terms. Buddy is such a sweet, well behaved dog and looks forward to his forever home!

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