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Cottageville, WV


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Burberry is a hound mix about 1 year old. He is brown with white on his neck and chest but black-tipped hair down his back. He weighs 42 pounds and is in the medium-sized group of dogs. He is not leash trained and at this point will fight the leash. He only needs some time and attention. He is an active and playful dog in the kennel with his kennel mate, but he is unsure that people are going to be nice to him. He needs training and someone who will spend time showing him that he can interact with people and it be a good experience! Young children might frighten him, but he is not a mean dog. Dogs like Burberry are the result of having no time and attention and having only been fed. Luckily, he is a young dog at only one year, so he has time to learn all the things he needs to know to enjoy life. Who will help him? Update: Burberry was neutered on 10/6/2016.

Jackson County Animal Shelter
86 County Farm Rd, Cottageville, WV 25239
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Shelter Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 9am-4pm ---- Tue/Thu 11am-6pm ---- Sat/Sun Closed
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Phone (for local calls only): 304-372-6064
Rescues and long-distance adopters: We are rescue friendly and PA-licensed! Saturday transport is available to northeastern states on a regular basis thanks to the assistance of our local rescue partner, Animal Rights Fur-Ever.

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Cottageville, WV

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