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10 years, 2 months
Large  |  Male

Woodinville, WA


10 yrs.
Crate Trained
Good with Dogs
Cats Unknown
Older Kids Only
Knows Basic Commands
Walks Well on Leash
Fostered in Oakridge, Oregon
My name is Buster and I am here to tell you a little about myself. My foster mom likes to brag about me, she thinks I am awesome! One of the things she likes to brag about is how good I am on a leash! I do not pull hard at all and I get excited when asked if I want to go for a walk! You should see my little wiggle dance when we get ready to go for a walk.
I am learning how to sit and wait for the 'alright' word for my meals. I do know these commands for treats but am working at using them for meals. I am not perfect at that yet, but I am learning quick. I sometimes get a sore knee, and when it's sore, foster mom lets me stand and stay until the "alright" command is given. I love the food that my foster family has me on now. I get Taste of the Wild with some RAW food mixed in here and there. With my food being so delicious, you can see why it's hard for me to "stay" and wait. I am not food aggressive, as I have been eating in the same room with my foster siblings. We each keep to our own dish and there is always someone right there to make sure that no one gets to close to anyone else.
When I am told to go to bed, I crate up very nicely. I might hesitate some because I really do not care for crates, but I am generally well behaved when I have to be in there. I might whimper a little bit but then quiet down and go to sleep for awhile. I am a pretty easy-going, mature man who thinks I am a young man. I am not an excessive barker, but I do bark some at people going by. I do quiet down quickly so as not to be too noisy. I am a pretty gentle fur kid, sometimes I put a foot up on people when I want attention. We are working on my manners. They need a little bit of brushing up on. However, I'm quick to learn so it won't be a problem.
When I came to my foster family, my new foster brother and I were on unsettled terms. But my foster family did a crate and rotate thing with us until we got to know each other. Then, we were allowed to be around each other and we have never had a problem since! We found out we really like each other actually. My foster sister and I got a long from the very beginning. She likes to get in my face and get me to play with her. She is so sweet, who can say no to her?
I love people, but sometimes younger ones scare me. I'd like to be in a home with older, calm children. I do get a long with little ones who are calm and want to just give me a love, but I really prefer older people. So if you are an older family, count me in.
Foster mom here. Buster is such a sweet big ball of love! He wants so bad to make his family happy. He is best with older people and older teens. I have had him around children at an event for adoption and he loved everyone if all ages that came to him to say hi and pet him. However, he doesn't want to live with high energy kids.
Buster does have a sore knee sometimes, but he is active for his age. Not wild but still up for whatever comes his way! I really enjoy walking Buster. He is so nice on leash. He wanders from side to side as far out as he can go and does not drag me along behind him at all. He is always excited about going for walks and going for rides.
He is also very good at the vet office. He loves everyone! Buster has just been a real blessing in our home. He brings even more bright and cheery personality into our home. He is very expressive with his eyes! He loves it that we are home most of the time and can give him a lot of love. It would be great if someone can be home with him most of the time.
If you want an older dog that still has life in him to get up and go, this is the dog for you! He loves kissing his family! He tries to get a lot of "atta boys" and I always tell him how handsome and well behaved he is! Head on over to!adoption-form/c1dw9 and fill out the application!

If you would like to adopt him, fill out an adoption application on our website
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Adopt Me
Woodinville, WA

(509) 607-4740

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