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Great Pyrenees

2 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Fargo, ND



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Name: Byron
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Lab Retriever Mix
Age: 2 Years
Size: Large 84 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $75 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, No children, no other pets

Byron is looking for a home with no other pets.

Foster Home Feedback

* No other pets
* No children

9/10/16 Volunteer Feedback: The rain didn't bother me a bit tonight. We walked along the country road and explored Earth's odors. After that we went to a park along the river that I had never been to. Boy, did I love that. I got to see water, the woods and I chased a chipmunk, talk about a good night! We took a slow drive home so I could put my head out the window and enjoy the fresh smell of rain. I had no reactivity to cars tonight and didn't pull. If you ask you can even see the video my buddy took of me (see side below pictures). Back at the shelter I hung out with my buddy some more and chewed on the toy she bought me. She got a little sad about leaving me and teared up, so I put my paw on her shoulder and we hung out for awhile more. Who doesn't love dog that likes walks, car rides and couch cuddles, if you do, then I am the dog for you!

9/2/16 Volunteer Feedback: Tonight, I was a perfect gentleman on my outing with my building buddy. I got my own, brand new toy that had two balls and some rope. It was so fun to have something I could call my own. I hung out in the back yard while my building buddy hauled landscaping rock. I trotted around, played with my new toy and just loved chilling in the grass. I was spot on my focus training, sit, downs and shakes. Only once did I get a little excited when her husband came out and I tried to mouth his sandal, but then the beef liver treats came out, I went into a perfect sit, made perfect eye contact and just like that my behavior changed. If I were a cat, and was more flexible, I would have even gave myself a pat on the back.
We went on a walk down a nice gravel road. Man, I love to just walk and sniff with my full nose to the ground. It's just a favorite pastime of mine. When cars came by fast, my building buddy held me close to her side, told me to relax and leave it, and then I didn't even react to them.
I have made so much progress, by the end of the night I was ready to go straight into my kennel and eat my late night dinner. I know, I was still hungry even with those tasty beef liver treats, but I deserved it.
I am so ready for a home, look at how well I did with just one night; imagine what I could do with you each day!

8/29/16 Volunteer Feedback: I have fallen in love with this big guy! We have started a building buddy program for dogs that have been at the shelter for awhile and Byron is my building buddy. Being at the building has started to get him down and he seemed like he was starting to give up. It's heartbreaking since I remember him just getting to the shelter and he was a happy go lucky dog. I have taken him to my neighbor's house, on our outings, who has a large back yard and he loves to just tromp around and hang out with people. He has met a couple of my neighbors and they LOVE him, in fact my one neighbor said she wishes she didn't have dogs so she could keep him. He gets little spurts of energy and that's when you get to see his goofy personality! He had us out loud laughing! He is also a great passenger in the car and loves to go for car rides. He has also gotten better with his manners; he knows sit, shake, and had gotten so much better with jumping on people. He still needs training, but seems to learn very quickly. This guy truly deserves a home and a family of his own!

8/16/16 Volunteer Feedback: Byron has been living at our shelter for a long time and he is starting to deteriorate. We would love for him to find a more suitable home. Byron needs to be an only pet. He should also go to a home with a 6 foot wooden fence and no children. He is a very large dog that is just learning some commands but he doesn't know his own size.
8/11/16 Volunteer Feedback: Today, I went on the best walk. I charmed a lady and two men who gave me lots of pets. They all thought I was so handsome and lovable. Both times I gave them some kisses and instantly showed them my belly to get some more pets. I saw one dog on my walk and was very interested in meeting him, but he didn’t look interested back so I continued on my stroll. Later I saw another dog that was much more reactive then the lazy one, and that got me a bit excited and I tried so hard to pull to go meet him. I think when you learn that I am full of love and goofiness, you will be so happy, but you will need to make sure you are strong and take precaution when I see other dogs that are reactive. I also meandered around the shelter while the two ladies cleaned and I was such a good boy. I sniffed everything and never had an accident and didn’t try to eat any of the other dogs food. I like to run around and play a bit or take a nice walk, but then I just like to hang out with you. Behind my big body, is just a young, handsome, goofy, lovable guy that is just trying to figure out what dogs I like (calm ones), and which ones are just a bit much for me (reactive, high energy ones).
5/17/16 Volunteer Feedback: My name is Byron, and I am looking for that special home. I am a young dog but big and haven't learned or mastered my manners yet. The shelter staff thinks that with the right person who will work with me on positive reinforcement training, I could be an excellent dog. I am a really big dog, and I am powerful so I need someone who can handle that. I know, sit, shake and down. When I get excited I jump up; therefore, I wouldn't be good with children. I have never been worked with so I can get mouthy when I get excited, but I redirect when I'm told no. I love to give kisses, chew on my bones, and lay in bed when I'm tired. I do require a lot of exercise to wear me out. Exercise helps me be calm, and I'm working with my handlers on my leash walking skills now. I haven't decided what type of dogs I like yet, so a home with no other animals is probably best for me. I'm not allowed to go to the dog parks.
I currently live at the shelter since all our foster homes are full.
* I would really like a home to myself with a nice 6' wooden fence so I can't see all the distractions going on around.
*I need a strong person that will be dedicated to working with me on my manners and shape me into the best dog I can be.

5/6/16 Volunteer Feedback: Byron loves bugs! One day when I was walking him, he found a huge water beetle and played with it till it wouldn't play anymore. Such a big hunk fascinated by a tiny bee! He reminds me of Winnie the Pooh with his coloring (see pics - he's watch a little bee).
4/19/16 Volunteer Feedback: Byron is currently at our facility and not in a foster home (although we are working on it), which is unfortunate because he is awesome! He has come out of his shell quite a bit since he arrived. He has a cute, goofy personality. Sometimes he doesn't realize how big he is and he likes to jump up, put his legs on your shoulders and give tons of kisses! I would say it is annoying and I shouldn't reinforce the behavior but he is just so dang cute!
As I mentioned, he is a big boy; I would bet he is close to 90 lbs, very tall and lanky. He was very skinny when he first came to us but he is gaining weight and looks much better. Because we haven't had him in a home environment yet, we are not 100% sure he is potty or crate trained. Although he keeps his kennel at the facility clean, and only does his business outside so I think it is safe to assume he is potty trained. I've tried putting him into a wire crate just to see how he does and it did take some coaxing. I just threw some treats in there and give him a little nudge and then he went right in. He did whimper a bit but he didn't seem overly stressed by it. I left him in there for about half an hour while I did other chores around the facility and he didn't try break out; just would whimper occasionally but seemed pretty relaxed.
He hasn't met any cats, and just due to his size older kids would probably be best. He may get too excited and knock down young/small children. Byron is a sweet, goofy boy with lots of love to give and would love to find his forever home!
4/14/16 Volunteer Feedback: Byron is a sweet dog who has been bounced around to several homes in his short life. Byron is reserved and takes a few minutes to get comfortable with new people, but once he is your friend he is a big, loveable, goofball. He loves to go on walks, but does pull like a draft pony. We use an Easy Walk (no pull) harness for him and he walks wonderfully.

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